E Equals is an immersive, large format documentary film specifically produced for domestic and international distribution on domes and IMAX theaters.  

The film explores mind-boggling concepts of energy spanning the massive and molecular, natural and manmade, its terrestrial and cosmic mysteries, humankind's pursuit to harness it, and the future of energy.  

It's a unique merging of filmmaking, science, art, music, and performance on cinema's largest format.


THE STORY structure is as follows:

ACT I: What is energy? (15 minutes)

Energy defined at its most fundamental level.

ACT II: How has humankind harnessed it? (15 minutes)

The story of energy becomes human as we explore how it defines our civilization. 

ACT III: What is the future of energy? (15 minutes)

Experimental technologies and the future of energy.



E Equals is produced and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Jeff Boedeker. He received his masters degree in filmmaking from Boston University and has traveled the world producing documentaries for Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He was one of the producers who created National Geographic's series Brain Games, a wildly popular series that brought science to the masses in a relatable and entertaining format. 

The film features art direction and cinematography by Nicholas Donnelly. A National Geographic cinematographer and modern artist, Nicholas' work has appeared all over the world in cinemas and nonfiction natural history programming. In addition to being a resident cinematographer at NatGeo, he's a modern artist whose abstract work is showcased in art galleries. 

In 2016 Nicholas and Jeff won numerous CINDY and TELLY awards, including best museum film. For E Equals, the two traveled into the belly of the largest hydropower plant in the eastern US and captured stunning, never attempted nor seen 4K shots of Niagara Falls with a heavy lift drone. E Equals will showcase these shots as well as Nicholas' timelapse work and NASA-provided renderings and images of space.




The film presents energy not merely as a resource to be harnessed, but as the essence of everything—light, sound, heat, motion, chemistry, matter…everything. Leveraging unprecedented access to modern-day energy facilities around the world, luminary thought leaders in energy science and industry, and an eye toward the future, this film asks the difficult questions about energy, translating hard-to-grasp concepts into a universally accessible narrative. 

Using relatable, real-world examples with vivid imagery, Orange Frame brings difficult concepts into grasp, exposes audiences to challenging physics topics in new ways, and offers an immersive introduction to the science that will change our world for future generations.

At minimum, the audience will leave with an entirely new perspective and understanding of energy and its global influence. Perhaps E Equals will be the spark in a young girl or boy’s mind that lights excitement and curiosity to learn more about physics. And perhaps that girl or boy goes on as an adult to reimagine a new elegant equation beyond E=MC2. An equation that factors in quantum mechanics, and brings us ever so close to understanding the vast mysteries of our universe and our place within it. 

The overall objective is not just to entertain, but also to inspire people to think about the vital interconnections between the universe, the light in their bedrooms, the food in the their fridge, and the energy that travelled through those who have lived and died, the potential and kinetic, in a way that awakens them at their core. 

It is not merely a resource to be harnessed. It’s the essence of everything. 



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A first for the industry, E Equals will also have live performance versions of the film that features live narration & orchestral performance. The live performance version will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances at select science museums along the East Coast. 

As the film plays, three very different narrators read live in front of the audience. The narrators will be a leading quantum physicist, a young middle school student (just like in the promo video), and a dreamer. Sitting on three stools with three microphones, the live reading provides an organic and intimate feel instead of a traditional voiceover. 

A live musical score is performed by a small orchestra. The original score pulls the emotions of the audience with dramatic crescendos and hypnotic moments of absolute peace and wonder. As the documentary delves into one of science's most existential topics, energy in the universe, the live performance works in concert and synchronicity with the large format images and live narration. 


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