NEW MEDIA content Production

New Media Storytelling . Immersive Experiences . Convergence . Interactivity . Boundless Digital Exhibits .

We've traveled to Tibet. We've eaten pufferfish. We've hired a Canadian. We've barely lived to tell the story. Our employees are good people and adventurers. The innate drive to explore, mixed with unmatched industry talent, produces hyper-cool new forms of media born from a place that values story, art, and design.  

We have a transmedia mindset. 

Our company was founded on the promise of making the museum visitor's or storytelling experience exceptional and compelling. It is deeply concerning that our most culturally significant and treasured places are saturated with the same C-grade films and interactives.

We explorers are different than the rest: our multimedia canvas is infinite and our modern approach to digital storytelling sets a new industry pace in delivering meaningful cross platform media that are relevant and impressive. We challenge the status quo with every project. 

Orange Frame's cinematographer created this hemisphere A7S rig. Imagine an immersive experience of the night sky...ok so now you know why we made it. 

Where no camera has gone before, behold our RED Dragon on a Movi mount atop a drone tank. Lion's den coverage, check. Bear cave, check. War zone, check.

The Ozo crashed into our equipment room from deep space. Shoots 4K 360, mechanized with remote ops, the real deal for immersive and VR storytelling. 

Orange Frame promotes and practices minimalism in media.

Less is always more. Less thinking a touchscreen is interactive for today's youth. Less talk about the future. Less use of the word 'cutting edge.' Less talk period. Less clipart-looking graphics. Less junk media.

More creating. More R&D before market and delivery. More focus groups before delivery. More prototyping. More human factors research. More intuitive and adaptive functionality. More meaning. More story and content matters. More stunning visuals. More augmentation. More focus on the hardware / software interplay. More emotion and immersion.

More vision. More creativity.

AND more working with partners so story, hardware, software, design, fabrication, and architecture work in seamless concert. 

360 studio shoot