Orange Frame's best-of-the-best team is comprised of award winning professionals from National Geographic, UX interactive & new media specialists contracted with NASA, and strategists from top-tier ad agencies in the US. 

Orange Frame was created by the partnership of director Jeff Boedeker and cinematographer Nic Donnelly. They met while working full-time producing and shooting for National Geographic. Jeff has a master's degree from Boston University in filmmaking and produced multiscreen and interactive content for prominent museums like the Smithsonian, and films and tv shows for companies like Discovery ChannelAnimal PlanetHistory ChannelPBS, and National Geographic.  Nic has worked across the world as lead cinematographer for NatGeo expeditions and countless shows and series, including National Geographic Explorer, to his credit.

Our clients are often stewards of America's and the world's most sacred and treasured sites, museums, and institutions. Too often we see these places and stories devalued by underwhelming and mediocre filmmaking and digital storytelling. That said, our market value is to challenge all conventional standards, produce uncompromising high-end cinematic quality media, and interpret stories with modern relevancy. We commit to crafting the absolute best, with elite talent and experience, with conviction, and deliver content that inspires and moves audiences to their core. 

To deliver our best in industry results we limit our annual project load and are highly efficient, agile, and communicative with clients. We have no intention of being industry philistines and choose to produce projects that are compelling and of sincere interest to our team. If the prospective production wins our hearts, you can be assured the delivered media will win yours!

Please send RFP, RFQ, or inquiries to info@bigorangeframe.com.