ORANGE FRAME takes a different approach to museum films. We produce films to be modern, relevant, and with lasting emotional impact. 

Our film Virginia Voices won the Cinema in Industry Award for best museum film and best director, and won the TELLY award for best museum film and best cinematography. Virginia Voices screens every half-hour, daily, at the Virginia Historical Society's 500-seat movie theater. The film also aired on PBS, which is part of our methodology of producing content for maximum exposure, outreach, and shelf life. Recently, the film was honored with being voted the best thing to see in Richmond by Richmond Magazine. 

We have reimagined the museum film to be more cinematic and have more of an impact. We believe in relevancy and capturing the unexpected. With our roots as National Geographic filmmakers, we produce museum films that people share and discuss long after their visit. In that, we produce content that is just as engaging and lasting as how people share and are passionate about their favorite Netflix series and movies. The status quo of museum films have taken our more culturally significant places and stories hostage for far too long. Do not settle on the mediocre, the 'museum film' production company. Instead, embrace and expect a new standard of museum filmmaking. One where new cinematic techniques and transmedia methods make for more powerful stories, not more digital distractions. In the end, we pursue crafting artful, relevant, emotional, and deeply authentic films.

With master's degrees in filmmaking and over 10 years of nonfiction film and broadcast experience at the highest level, we produce museum films unlike any other company in the market. We understand storylines are most often gray rather than black and white, and the importance of having a rigorous standards and practices mixed with creative inspiration. 

Our market value in producing museum films is National Geographic quality results, ability to intelligently connect with younger audiences, and our overall powerful storytelling techniques. 

See samples of our museum film work here: